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A retrospective look at 2011 ( in English....)

Av Hanne Winninge - 31 december 2011 07:10

As my Swedish readers are well aware of I don't write my blogposts in English. As English is not my native tongue and I'm not even close to be fluent, I really need to ask you to be forgiving. Here goes....


2011 has been a remarkable year in so many ways, first and foremost this year has been filled with dogs. It has been my third year as a professional groomer and I have been blessed with having not only an amazing business partner but also with eager-to-learn students and a bunch of happy customers and clients. I'm still excited about going to work and I am truly grateful for a business and a job that does not only provide me with money to spåend but also with joy and laughter.


2011 started off really good with Bacon gaining her first International CACIB in Gothenburg, just 15 months and 2 days old, together with a BOB this show set a strong pace for all the year to come. Since that show Bacon and I have travelled Europe with friends and family. This year alone we have visited and entered shows in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, UK and we finished off with sunny Spain. Bacon has received 5 new championtitles and 3 winnertitles together with 3 groupwins at International shows all over Europe. Some of her wins have been more memorable than others, World Dog Show in Paris is of course one of the best moments, but also her Group firsts in Norrköping, Herning and Alicante making her the breed history maker.


The most amazing show wasn't any of those but our trip to Cruft's! To be able to show your dog in the origin country of the breed at the world's largest and most famous dogshow was nothing but a thrill from start to finish and to get the Reserve Challenge Certificate in competition with UK's best bitches was so amazing it still gives me the chills. I could not have hoped for a better year or a more succesful year regarding Bacon and I'm grateful for all of you that have shown so much appreciation and taking part of the celebration of this stunning brindle/white minibitch that owns my heart.



2011 also gave me a new heart to love and cherish. With her head full of stubbornness and with plenty of attitude Yihoo entered the house and the Winninge family. This white/black/pink little puppy took my breath away and during the year she certainly have blossomed into a white beauty. Torben and Vanessa Grönborg of Bullicompagnes believed in me and I'm so grateful for having this little wonder at my feet every morning and in my face the rest of the day. Yihoo is such a high-spirited miniture bullterrier bitch and no one else can make us all laugh that much. Being little sister to the globetrotter/extreme winner Bacon has it's don't get to come along to all shows. Yihoo still has been showing great promise for first and foremost the breed and terrierspecialists, being BIS-3 as a puppy and then continuing with gaining res CAC in Sweden, CAC in Denmark and totally dedicated winning a huge juniorclass at the Nordic Winner Show in Stockholm, bringing home not only her first title Nordic Junior Winner 2011 but also the qualification ticket to Cruft's.


2011 also included a labrador retriever litter of 5. Hayley taking pride in raising 4 boys and 1 girl all through May and puppies moving to wonderful new homes in late June. Having labrador puppies sure lets you know what to watch out for, ever so eager to meet and conquer the world. The little yellow bitch found her new home at one of my many dedicated puppubuyers Jenny. Jenny that already raised the bar with her first black lab by gaining the Swedish Obedience Champion title. It will sure be so fun to see this team of wonders going all in on the International Obedience Competitions next year. And of course I take great pride in receiving the first Tracking Champion, being it a little blue bitch 10 years of age. Nova owned by Nina Engevi. Great acheivement from this bitch, that only was intended as a pet being foundation bitch in two kennels and Swedish Show champion as well.


2011 gave me new friends and being through the dumpster I even recycled one. Jack still makes me laugh and I'm happy to once again have him in my life. I found new friend that shared the ugliest parts of 2011, thanks Kia and Malin for your support and thoughts. You're awesome girls! Making new friends all across the world being a proud mini-bullie-mum: Vanessa, Torben and Vanessa, Agneta, Marie, Mikkan, AnnJeanette, Anja, Camilla, Hans-Jürgen, Moona, Sanna and all the rest of you guys. Thanks fo such a remarkable year!


2011 also brought great sadness to us or at least horrifying fear when our oldest son had a terrible terrible accident. Having his entire face rearranged by a golf club, leaving his nose broken and his orbital bones in total fractures. Thanks to Dr Hilmi Desai he is healing really well and the only thing left as a memory of this day is a thin scar beneath his eye. Dr Desai told us that in his 25 years as a reconstructive surgeon he has never seen such fractures in a person still alive. The surgery took almost 4 hours and me and Jonas can't thank this talented doctor and his team enough for all the effort regarding Ruben and his care. 2011 also led us to say farewell to some of our puppies throgh the years, sending our sympathies to Linda, owner of sweet Ebba, Skybar Interstellar Overdrive who crossed the rainbow bridge in 2011.


Tomorrow it'll be 2012 and I'm sure it will be another great year! So with out any further delay I wish to thank you all for being a part of my life and wishing you a very merry Happy New Year!


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Maritha Tronäss

31 december 2011 11:39

Gott Nytt År till dig och de dina!
Tack för all hjälp du gett och ger oss!
Svante mår hur bra som helst! Och vi med!

Maritha Göran Agnes Svante

Hanne Winninge

2 januari 2012 07:59

Så fint att höra!

    Kom ihåg mig



Av Hanne Winninge - 7 februari 2013 06:02

När man som uppfödare planerar en kull så är ju huvudsyftet att man ska få valpar, men bakom valet av vilken hane och vilken tik som ska användas är lite mer utförligt än att man bara väljer på slump. Jag tänkte jag skulle berätta lite grann om hur j...

Av Hanne Winninge - 28 januari 2013 06:33

Det börjar ju som bekant arta sig till valptider här hemma i huset på landet. Ayla har nu gått 4 veckor och Jenny som är hennes fodervärd rapporterar flitigt att man ser en liten putmage och att hon inte riktigt ännu vågar säga säkert att hon är dräk...

Av Hanne Winninge - 24 januari 2013 14:24

Det var länge sedan jag skrev i bloggen , det ska medges men jag hoppas i alla fall att den långa skrivkrampen lagt sig och att jag kan fylla bloggen med blandade inlägg igen.     Kloka Ayla som valp   Vi kan väl börja med det allra roliga...

Av Hanne Winninge - 16 maj 2012 05:57

  Bacon är en värdsvan resenär, vi har rest många mil ihop och jag har en stor trygghet i hennes mentalitet och hennes stora personliga trygghet. Hon bryr sig föga om ifall resan går via 20 timmar i bil till England och Cruft's eller via 3 timmars...

Av Hanne Winninge - 15 maj 2012 06:04

Vi var i Tyskland i helgen, jag och underbara lilla B. Givetvis var det show som stod på schemat och den här gången på Westfalenhallen i Dortmund. Westfalenhallen ligger mitt inne i Dortmund och har den stoooora fotbollstadion Signal Iduna Park som g...


Välkommen till kennel Skybar och min blogg. Jag skriver om ditten och datten, mest om hundar och allra oftast om miniatyrbullterrierna Bacon och Yihoo. Fast jag föder förstås upp arbetande jaktlabradorer...

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